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How To Help The Homeless This Winter

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Homelessness is a wide-spread problem, with no immediate solution. However, there are ways you can start helping the homeless this winter within our communities. Here are a few tips to get you started:  

Avoid stereotyping or stigmatizing the homeless. There are many paths that lead to homelessness, and each person has a different story.

Donate Your Old Coats: Dedicate a day to clean out your closet and pull out those old coats of yours. This will not only ensure that your closet becomes less cluttered, the coats becomes useful for other people.

Donate Your Old Clothes: You can offer the homeless various types of winter clothing and garments you no longer use. Socks and gloves are two of the most sought-after garments during winter months.

Provide Warm Food: Our body tends to get hungrier when the cold comes from the body’s response to protect essential organs. A warm meal can really make a difference on a rigidly cold day during the winter time.

Provide Resource Info: Pass out information and resources on places that provide shelter and warm food to the homeless.

Any amount of human contact, especially towards those who are less fortunate than you, can make a great amount of difference. Learn about the different paths that lead to homelessness. Every person living on the streets has his or her own story. Some are very educated and just down on their luck. Some are struggling with addiction. Others lost everything to medical bills, and some suffer mental illness. No matter what brought them to homelessness, they all have value and deserve help.

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